3D Chalk Art

3D Chalk Art

3D chalk art has a long history and is known by many names. Some of those include 3D street painting, chalk painting, and my favorite anamorphic art. This form of art and painting dates back to before the 16th century. The process begins by determining the viewing hight and distance from the painting. Once the proper figures are calculated  and reference lines are established, the drawing can then be transferred to the grid and the painting or chalkinging can begin. When viewed from any other angle or height than the desired view point the painting looks distorted. When viewed at the proper view point, an illusion of depth and 3 dimensions is achieved.

3d chalk art















World famous sculptor and ephemeral artist Sean Fitzpatrick recently launched his new website www.3Dchalk.com to showcase his talents with anamorphic 3D chalk drawing. While many of his clients are corporations and event planners, Sean also works directly with private clients to create temporary and  permanent showcase pieces for home, office, or corporate headquarters all over the United States and beyond! In addition to his new venture, Sean also features exquisite sand snow and ice sculptures and fabulously detailed pumpkin carvings. When asked about his new-found passion for 3D chalk, he replied simply,”3D chalk  fits seamlessly with our mission statement of creating an art form that is a metaphor for life.”

3D chalk art by Sean Fitzpatrick















You can contact Sean Fitzpatrick directly through this site or  you can email sean@3Dchalk.com.

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