Cape Cod Sand Sculpture Trail

Cape Cod Sand Sculpture Trail

If you plan on heading down to the Cape this summer, you don’t want to miss Fitzy Snowman’s amazing Cape Cod Sand Sculpture Trail. The trail currently consists of over thirty five sand sculptures created by Fitzy Snowman artists, Sean, Tracey and Ryan Fitzpatrick and visiting artists Suzanne Altamare and Fred Mallett.
Your first stop on the Trail will be Mashpee Commons. There you will find the first three sculptures that were created for the New England Sand Sculpting Invitational.

These are expected to be on display through mid-August and were themed “Summer Blockbusters”. After checking out the sand sculptures, grab a bite at one of several fine restaurants or browse through dozens of quaint boutique shops in Mashpee Commons. At this point you will want to head east route 28 towards the Town of Yarmouth. Your first stop will be the Hampton Inn of Yarmouth. As you pull in you will notice the first of sand sculptures located in Yarmouth. I would suggest spending the night in one of their beautiful rooms before venturing out on your hunt for the remaining sculptures. If you still have energy and wish to continue your journey grab a sand sculpture map at the front desk or at the Yarmouth Visitors Center and start your hunt. There are 28 total 2 ton business sculpture scattered around town along with 3 giant sculptures located at Smuggelers Beach near the Red Jacket Resort.
After you suceed in finding all 31 sculptures in Yarmouth you will want to head up the road to Cuffy’s of Cape Cod, located on Rout 28 in West Dennis. There you will find the largest single sand sculpture on all of the Cape. The sculpture weighs in at a staggering 22 tons, takes up  100 square feet and is over 9 feet tall from its base. If you can’t make it down to the cape this summer, be sure to make your plans for next year. We plan on doing over 50 of these amazing sculptures!

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