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Osama Bin Ladin burial at sea… sort of.

Any one familiar with this series of banana sculptures knows very well that things don’t end well for  OBannna Bin Ladin. After a violent and I imagine quite painful demise, I predict that his final resting place will involve water and a long journey to the sewer treatment plant! On a more serious point, I would like to […]

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Twin bananas

Banana carving / Are you looking at me?

  Aliens are real and they are hiding in my fruit, specifically my bananas. Ok, maybe that’s not true but boy are they fun to carve. This is the next in my series of quick carves.  I  never spend more than five to ten minutes on any particular banana carving.  The main reason is that it is a very […]

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Easter Bunana

Banana Sculpting The Easter Bunana

Happy Easter everybody! I just wanted to share the tale of the Easter Bunana with you all. I hope you enjoy!     Share on Facebook

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