Earth Day: Responsible Marketing

Earth Day: Responsible Marketing

With Earth Day just  a couple of days away. I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about the benefits of sand sculptures  and their use in conventional marketing. If you’ve tuned into any recent sporting event or awards show on television or attended one in person, one thing is glaringly visible. Every where you look you see signs and banners of corporate sponsors. The reality is that these events rely heavily on contributions of these sponsors to survive. In exchange, event organizers agree to prominently display the corporate identities of their sponsors. The most  common way to give a sponsor recognition is the use of vinyl banners, billboards or backdrops. While these banners certainly do the job of showcasing the sponsors logo predominantly, they are far from Eco friendly.

Consider if you will a banner created entirely of sand. These sculptures are literally works of art that display the corporate identity in 3 dimensions. Not only do sand sculptures  attract more attention than a conventional banner, they are  one hundred percent environmentally friendly and completely recyclable. Sand banners or sand displays give you so many more options due to the very nature of the material. Entire display areas open up opportunity for photo opps as well as product placement,  not to mention the additional media exposure related to these amazing  works of art. These displays are not by any means restricted to the beach and can be created in virtually any location, even indoors.

Sand sculpltures do not compete with conventional banner displays and are not meant to replace them all together, however they do offer event organizers new and exciting options for sponsorship fulfillment. Because the sculptures are not portable they must be created on site with imported sand. Careful thought must aslo be put into placment of the sand as it can be affected many enviromental conditions such as high winds or heavy rain. That said, as long as you are working with a reputable professional sand sculpting company, they will have immediate solutions for almost any logistical issue that may arise.

Even though sand sculpture is technically a  temporary art form, completed sculptures can last weeks, months and even years in certain circumstances. Events that could benifit from these unique displays are movie premiers, sporting events,( baseball, football volley ball, motor sports,) music festivals and many more.  So this Earth Day make a note to consider using sand sculpture displays at your next big event and by cutting down on the vinyl and ink, you will be doing something good for your planet.  Your sponsors will  aslo thank you for the added exposure that only sand sculptures can offer.

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