Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Fitzy Snowman and the Ephemeral JourneyOne Grain at a Time is a blog dedicated to the art  and business of sand sculpture and the ephemeral arts. My name Sean Fitzpatrick, I am also known in business circles as Fitzy the Snowman. (I promise to reveal the origins of this alias as this blog unfolds) I am an ephemeral artist by trade and owner of the critically aclaimed Fitzy Snowman Sculpting. I began experimenting with snow as a sculpting medium over 20 yeas ago.   Since then I expanded my field of expertise to include other mediums such as sand, ice, pumpkins and fruit. The focus of my business is to provide corporate and private clients art, entertainment and exposure. In recent years I have expanded my services to include team building, motivational speaking and educational programs for the public and private sectors

 Those of you reading this  blog for the first time may at times find it difficult to believe that there is a whole art subculture eking out a decent living creating nothing but impermanent sculptures using nothing but grains of sand and water. I can assure that this can  indeed be a legitimate and highly rewarding career path. In addition to offering information about the creative side of sand sculpture and ephemeral sculpture , I will also cover the business side of running a successful sculpting company as well as offer tips on health and fitness, marketing and other random topics. So please follow me down the rabbit hole as we unearth the secrets, passions and struggles of the ephemeral arts, One Grain at a Time!

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