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Professional Sand Sculpting

Professional Sand Sculpting


In a world were almost every sand sculptor can call them self a Master Sculptor, there is at least one artist who has the common sence to shun the term. Sean Fitzpatrick, owner and founder of Fitzysnowman.com has sculpted sand for over 20 years and admittedly is still learning new things about the medium. When asked about the commonly used term, “Master Sculptor” this is what he had to say. “I believe the term was originally used to describe the artists of the renaissance period. These artists were most likely still learning as well, but having been commissioned by the Vatican, it gave them a status that other artists of the period could aspire to. In the sand sculpting world, the term is loosely used to differentiate the different categories in a contest. For the same reason the term is used to describe artists that perform at the highest level. In recent years however the term has lost its meaning and even artists with lower skill sets have adopted the title.”

professional sand sculpting
25 ton recarve sand sculpture rear view.

So how do you know who to hire for your next sand sculpting project given this information? The simple answer is to search for a true professional. A professional sand sculptor is easily identified. They work full-time at his or her craft. You won’t find weekend enthusiasts in this category! They operate their business at the highest level and always give their clients more than they expect. They are courteous, intelligent, friendly, interactive with guests and always own up to their mistakes , correcting them immediately without attempting to shift blame. Professional sand sculptors carry insurance and are fully licensed. They proudly display their own work on their websites and update them regularly. Professional sculptors follow-up immediately on your first request for information. They are knowledgable about all aspects of the industry and can handle  almost any logistical challenge thrown at them. Professional sand sculptors only hire and work with other professional sand sculptors. If you are given an unususlly low price, you should be very cautious. Sand sculpting companies that offer steep discounts typically hire lower quality sculptors in the hopes that your expectations are very low. In the end you will need to trust your gut. There is a lot to be said about first impressions. Make a few calls and test the waters. Then give Sean Fitzpatrick a call and ask him why its better to hire a professional than a Master! You’ll be happy you did. He will earn your business, one grain at a time.

Sean Fitzpatrick can be reached day or night 7 days a week at sean@fitzysnowman.com or directly at 781-249-1494.

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How to Use Video to Market Your Business

How to Use Video to Market Your Business

Gail Goodman The average Internet user watches an astounding 186 videos a month, according to comScore Inc., a global digital market measurement service. This includes news and entertainment clips, personal videos, advertising videos gone viral — you name it.

 Video engages people in a way that photos and text alone can’t. For small-business owners, using video in your marketing can bring faces,voices,personality and heart to your operation, while also demonstrating your authenticity. To top that, video in email is said to be able to boost conversion rates by as much as 50 percent.

Thanks to affordable video cameras and easy-to-use software, video has become a tool that nearly any small business can use to enhance their marketing efforts on any channel. Your videos don’t have to be big Hollywood productions to be engaging and effective. You can even use your smartphone camera to create them.

Types of Videos You Can Create
Not sure what you’d produce a video about? Here are six tips for video production that can help you create informative clips that also reveal your business’s “human” side:

  1. Demonstrate your product or service: Don’t just tell, show your customers how your business works. In other words, bring your how-to guides to life. In my experience, informed prospects are more likely to make purchases.
  2. Use customer testimonials: Your best fans can explain on video how using your products or services solved a problem or improved their lives. Help prospects see themselves in the stories of real people.
  3. Put donor dollars to work: Videos of how your charitable donations benefit a cause tell a compelling story, which makes a problem — and how donations help remedy it — more real.
  4. Introduce your staff: This simple method can help show your dedication, passion and commitment to customer satisfaction. It can also create a greater connection with customers by showing them the faces and personalities of your employees.
  5. Offer a video tour of your office or business location: Another option is to add some spice to your website’s “About Us” page by providing an insider’s look at your operation.
  6. Request to take a poll or survey: Add a personal touch to your “Tell us what you think” feedback requests by creating a video. In it, assure customers that their matter.

Tips for First-Time Video Producers
Are you camera shy? Producing marketing videos for your business doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Here are a few things to keep in mind that should help make your video shoots simple, smooth and effective:

  • Don’t make it too complicated. Pick a simple topic for your first video.
  • Relax. Work with a colleague you’re comfortable with and speak to him or her as the video records.
  • Prepare notes but don’t read them on camera. Video should be casual and conversational whether it’s you, an employee or a customer talking.
  • Keep it brief. Determine which two or three bullet points you want to convey in a two-minute video. If you’re interviewing a customer for a testimonial, it’s usually a good idea to limit it to two or three questions.
  • Don’t worry too much about “ums” and “ers.” You’re human. That’s what video is about. But take time to do a few takes and then edit together the best segments.
  • Enable and encourage comments. Videos, email marketing and social media marketing go hand-in-hand-in-hand. Get your viewers talking and sharing. Good videos go viral and are great for building brand awareness.
  • Incorporate a call to action. This can add interactivity at the end of your video (i.e. “For more information…,” “To take our survey…,” “To share your story with us…”).

Video is a fun and effective marketing tool that’s accessible to entrepreneurs — even those who are on a budget. Think about which of your marketing messages could benefit most by the color that video brings to the mix. If a picture says 1,000 words, a video can say it bigger, brighter and better.

Gail Goodman is the CEO of Constant Contact, a Web-based provider of email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing and online survey tools for small businesses. She’s also a recognized small-business expert and speaker.

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Original source: Entrepreneur.com

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