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Pumpkin carving for branding and marketing

Pumpkin carving for branding and marketing

Summer is winding down, the kids are heading back to school, and your boss wants fresh new ideas for the fall marketing campaign. Perhaps it’s that new grocery store opening that has to be special, but not over the top. Maybe its a fundraiser or even a special client looking for something that screams fall.

With three simple words, I can provide solutions to all of these challenges; ‘ Professional Pumpkin Carver”. In the past few years Halloween has grown wildly in popularity, rivaling only Christmas as the number one spending holiday. This surge in popularity has spawned a new breed of extreme artist.

The professional pumpkin  carver is born  from a combination of talent and demand. They have elevated the ordinary jack-o-lantern to a new level of amazing art. It takes more than just being able to carve a cool pumpkin to be considered a professional pumpkin carver, however. A true professional needs to be able to maintain a consistent quality of work while meeting the demands of many clients at once. Whether it’s a live performance, or a simple centerpiece for a wedding, it is imperative to follow through on each project with passion and integrity.

The great thing about working with a professional pumpkin carver is that the art form transcends all social barriers. What began as a form of folk art in Ireland, where locals would carve turnips, has risen to entertain the masses at venues from county fairs to five-star cocktail parties.

The value in hiring a true professional pumpkin carver will be easily apparent the moment you begin your search. There are literally less than a dozen such professionals in the United States and many of them book up weeks, months and in some cases years in advance.  So start your search early and don’t give up hope, if you can’t get someone for your next event , find out from the artist when he or she is available, by being flexible you will increase your chances for a successful booking and a really cool entertainment experience.

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