Wonder Woman Still a Classic

Wonder Woman Still a Classic

NBC is not hot for Wonder Woman, having cancelled the show before it even aired on the network. You can read more about that here. I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I saw the new outfit that was previewed  a few months ago,  but it would have been nice to see at least a few episodes. The new series was to star Adrianne Palicki as Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman. I must say I have fond memories of the original series that stared the lovely Linda Wagner. That show defiantly had a very campy feel but seeing Linda in that outfit week after week certainly made up for the goofy feel of the show. You can see a side by side shot of Linda and Adrianne below.

Wonder Woman
Adrianne Palicki and Linda Wagner


So you’re  probably reading this thinking, ” ok, what does this have to do with art?” Well  the answer is simple. I have always been a fan of comic book art. Prior to taking up ephemeral art, primarily sand sculpting,  I spent countless hours drawing and doodling. One of my favorite characters to draw was Superman. I can also recal drawing the likes of Batman, Spiderman and even the Silver Surfer. Then I realised that I have never done a drawing of a single female superhero. When I heard the story  about this new show, I thought I would give it a go. What better first subject tto try than the ultimate female super hero, Wonder Woman. Below is a photo of my creative process. First I start with a basic sketch to determine the pose and scale. I will note that all my work is done on a pressure sensitive tablet. This allows me the freedom to make corrections while  at the same time conserving paper. I then import the sketch into illustrator and make a clean vector outline. The next to last step is to add the basic primary shading for the character.

Wonder Woman Process
Sketch done in Photoshop, line art and color done in Illustrator


Once I’m happy with the finished piece. I import the file back into Photoshop and add the detail. I’m not going for photo realism here. The idea is to stay true to the genre of comic book art. I use the airbrushed and smudge tool primarily along with a few applied masking techniques.  Below is the finished piece.

Wonder Woman Final
Wonder Woman Final
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